#CoverKandara Contest Finalist

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Participant number#1
Name: Sudip Sam
Name of song: Timi Pari

Participant number#2
Name: Pratik & Team
Name of song: BhediGothaima

Participant number#3
Name: Bipin Shrestha
Name of song: Bidesiyera Gain Uni

Participant number#4
Name: Karan Shrestha
Name of song: Tagaroma Rumal

Participant number#5
Name: Arjun Thapa
Name of song: Lekaki Hey Maya

Participant number#6
Name: Santosh Haang
Name of song: Hongkong Pokhara

Participant number#7
Name: Susin Pun
Name of song: Dada Pari

Participant number#8
Name: Dipesh Lama
Name of song: Zindagi Yo Utsab Ho

Participant number#9
Name: Saurav and Dipen
Name of song: Tmi Pari

Participant number#10
Name: John Ghalan
Name of song: chanchale Kanxi

Participant number#11
Name: Raj
Name of song: Raatai Bijhayo

Participant number#12
Name: Padam Tamang
Name of song: Fulchowki Ko Dadaima

Participant number#13
Name: Bishal Shahi
Name of song: Din Bite

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