Kandara, today a popular musical band is almost 25 years old. A group of youth, fond of folk-pop-music in the contemporary Pokhara with a musical vibration in mind and heart gave birth to this band which is eventually known as the pioneer of this very genre called Lok-pop.

Kandara has introduced 5 numbers of its popular albums in Nepali Music Industry yet. More than 200 concerts have been performed including in the country and abroad. Like Kandara creations folk-pop popular numbers have been favorites of the current young generation as well as all age group Nepali music lovers. Kandara is no more limited to nature and its dimensions around Pokhara like its name. It has expanded from nationto international arena. There have been millions of listeners to love Kandara numbers and well-wishers.

The organic feature of Kandara is to compose and arrange on own words of lyrics and present and perform the numbers by established artists in Kandara way and that has been helping it to win listener’s heart. It is an original brand of Kandara to sing songs filled by feelings of nationalism, human misery, love, nature in folk-pop way.

Impact of Kandara

In the errand of 25 years of music it crossed the border and has performed through national and international forums. Own lyrics, Own melody and to present in own way, the Kandara way with heart touching vocal and win the heart of people is specialized impression that Kandara has left. After the release of the first album Chanchale Kanchhi in the year 1995 in music industry it never turned back. The title song of the album Chanchale Kanchhi, was such a success that turned a milestone for this typical band. 1996, Lekaki Hey Maya, Timi Pari, Bideshiyera Gaeen Uni through the album Dandapari made the band to be established and well known with the love and tragedy into listener’s heart. Hongkong -Pokhara the title song of the Hongkong-Pokhara album proved its fame beyond Pokhara and Nepal and stood popular among migrant Nepalese around the globe. After a gap of few years, it gave another hit number Tagaroma Rumal Raakhi in the year 2006 and rejuvenated. After nine years of musical practices, it introduced its album Bhedi Gothaima. With dozens of awards for Kandara, it never let itself to fade.

For the first time from Nepal, having solo concert performed in Nagaland and Shillong of India it established its hegemony. Performing in Japan, Hongkong, South Korea, London, Australia and many cities in Europe it has been able to prove its existence, establishment and its own identity. Now, Kandara is towards its glory of success by continuous effort leaving many musical bands of its contemporaries behind.

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