From Kandara...

We are Kandara, a group of music enthusiasts from the contemporary Pokhara in the 90's who came together to create music of a completely new and unique genre at that time, which is now popularly know as 'Lok-pop'.

In Pokhara, the beautiful lakes, the mountains, the surrounding - all of these plus the musical vibe around the place - we were never short of inspiration. When we started out, we were only focused on one thing - making good music and enjoying ourselves throughout the process. 

Today, after more than 25 years and 5 albums later, we are grateful to each and everyone who have loved our music and inspired us to explore more into this wonderful art of creating music. We've had an amazing experience playing for you in Nepal, and all over the world over these 25 years and can't thank you enough for the love and support. 

We will continue to grow together with your blessings and hope you will keep loving us and our music in the years to come!


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Band Members

Kandara Band Bivek Shrestha
Kandara Band Bivek Shrestha

Bivek Shrestha


Kandara Band Amit Gurung
Kandara Band Amit Gurung

Amit Gurung


Kandara Band Sunil Thapa
Kandara Band Sunil Thapa

Sunil Thapa


Anil Gurung


Abhinas Gaayak


Buddha Raj Bajracharya


Ashim Sherchan